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Hair and Makeup trial
Hair and Makeup Wedding day
plus 4 additional persons for Hair and Makeup on wedding day
450 €Day of the wedding Makeup + Hair (up to 3 hours)BASIC PACKAGE FOR THE BRIDE1
799 €Hair and Makeup trial
Hair and Makeup Wedding day
899 €Hair and Makeup trial
Hair and Makeup Wedding day
Manicure + Pedicure 
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Mothers, Guests, Bridesmaids Hairstyle 100 eur

Mothers, Guests, Bridesmaids Makeup 100 eur


Occasional makeup 120 eur
Occasional Hair 120 eur


Events - 100 eur per hour per artist


Travel expesnes 1 km - 1,5 eur


There is also option full day option maximum for 10 persons charge per artist 1000 euros (makeup or hairstyling). 8 hours max.


High season (March - November) minimum fee is fixed to be confirmed by contacting me by email.


All prices writen is without taxes. VAT (21%) will be added on final bill.




Trial day info: please come with fresh and clean skin (face scrub and/or mask can be used in evening or in the morning) , washed and clean hair in the morning or the night before coming to the studio. If you will be using a hair dryer you can spray some sea salt spray beforehand. If needed we will wash your hair at the studio (additional costs will apply). Also we would advise you to wear the same or similar colour sleeveless top as you would like to wear on your wedding day (e.g. Sleeveless white top). This way we will be able to see how makeup and hair would suit the colour of the clothing.

It would be helpful if you would have a picture of your wedding dress, and some hair and makeup styles from Pinterest or my page.

Trial will be up to 3h, it depends on the style you want. We can try 2 different hairstyles to see which one you like most.


After the trial makeup and hair we do pictures of final look. In case we are unable to send same artist on wedding day we will have another artist who will recreate same look.

Payment for trial is 300 eur, paid in cash if not agreed before If you decide to book and confirm our services for your wedding day we require a 50e deposit which will be deducted from the total wedding day payment package on the day of your event. If you want to get Hollywood waves style hair, the trial could be longer, we ask to bring clip inn extensions and the price for this hairstyle is 200 eur




Your Wedding day: On the wedding day we are asking you to be with fresh skin. (you can use face scrub and mask in the evening or morning) or to have a facial done a few days before. Not to curl your eyelashes, or have fake eyelashes on.

Wash your hair the night before 2 times with shampoo. If you will be with wet hair we can charge plus for hair blow-dry.The same preparation for all the guests. Also to have a normal chair for the hairstylists, and a high chair (bar chair) for the makeup.

We work with an agreed timetable, therefore, we are kindly asking everyone to be on time as listed. All extra hours will be charged 50eu/h per artist.

Also, for us to achieve the best makeup result we would advise you not to use your cell phone while having your makeup and hair done.

In case of any service cancellation in less than 42h, the bride will still be charged. To have cash in the envelope for our artists. And for travel expenses.




Payment by card:


For the payments in EUR from European Union:


Address: Carrer de Biada 2, Barcelona 08012

Bank: BBVA

IBAN: ES45 0182 8186 2702 0186 6730



For the local payments in GBP from UK:


Address: Carrer de Biada 2, Barcelona 08012, Spain

Bank: Revolut

Account number: 23796375

Sort code: 04-00-75


For the payments in USD:


Address: Carrer de Biada 2, Barcelona 08012, Spain

Bank: Revolut

IBAN: LT67 3250 0006 7670 4716




Hollywood waves are a specific type of hairstyle that involves creating defined, smooth waves that start at the root of the hair and flow down towards the ends. There are several reasons why creating Hollywood waves can be more challenging and costly than other hairstyles:

1. Precision: Creating Hollywood waves requires precision and attention to detail. The waves need to be uniform and well-defined, which can be difficult to achieve. This requires a skilled stylist who is trained in creating this specific style.

2. Time: The process of creating Hollywood waves can be time-consuming. The hair needs to be curled in a specific way, then carefully brushed out to create the smooth, flowing waves. This process can take longer than other hairstyles, which can increase the cost of the service.

3. Products: To create Hollywood waves, a stylist may need to use specific styling products to achieve the desired look. These products can be more expensive than other hair styling products, which can increase the cost of the service.

4. Equipment: In some cases, creating Hollywood waves may require special equipment such as a curling iron or a specific type of brush. This equipment can be more expensive than standard styling tools, which can increase the cost of the service.

Overall, the combination of precision, time, specific products, and equipment required to create Hollywood waves can make it a more challenging and costly hairstyle to achieve.




Clip-in hair extensions can be helpful if you want to achieve a fuller or longer look when creating Hollywood waves. Here are a few reasons why clip-in hair extensions can be useful:

1. Volume: Hollywood waves look best when there is ample volume in the hair. If you have thin or fine hair, clip-in extensions can help you achieve the necessary volume to create the look.

2. Length: If your hair is shorter than desired for the Hollywood wave style, clip-in extensions can be added to achieve the desired length.

3. Color: If you want to add highlights or lowlights to your hair for the Hollywood wave style, clip-in extensions can be a great option. You can choose extensions that match your hair color, or select a shade that contrasts for a bolder look.

4. Versatility: Clip-in hair extensions can be added or removed easily, so you can switch up your hairstyle as desired. You can also use them for other hairstyles in the future.

When getting clip-in hair extensions for a Hollywood wave style, it's important to choose high-quality extensions that blend well with your natural hair. You may also want to consult with a stylist to ensure that the extensions are placed properly to achieve the desired look.

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